What research excellence means for us

  • Conducting internationally-leading research of global significance
  • Being a centre of excellence for the development of postgraduate, postdoctoral and early career researchers
  • Optimising the intellectual, scientific, economic, social and cultural impact of our research
  • Promoting external engagement, enterprise and innovation, stimulating the exchange of ideas and knowledge through partnership

Our strengths

Our focus is on high-quality, high-impact research. We apply our considerable intellectual capacity for the benefit of society and the environment, engaging with the public, policy-makers, charities and business to shape and inform new research directions.

Our flexibility enables us to create agile inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams, working with pre-eminent partners worldwide, to tackle issues of global significance.

Enthusing and nurturing new research talent is one of our highest priorities. We invest in recruiting, developing and mentoring early career researchers, using innovative approaches to unlock potential and encourage public engagement.

We are sector leaders in knowledge exchange, applying fresh thinking to accelerate economic growth and social advances. Our Innovation Centre is helping to diversify the economic profile of the City of Bath by incubating high-yield businesses and coordinating a number of regional networks for advanced technology sectors.

Our objectives

  • To recruit and retain excellent researchers and develop an active research culture that fosters the highest achievements, encourages originality and innovation, and enriches the student learning experience

  • To conduct research of global significance including the development of multidisciplinary, high-profile, internationally recognised research areas, including research institutes

  • To invest strategically in high-quality research infrastructure, facilities, research support and research information management systems

  • To increase external grant and contract income and to achieve financial sustainability for research activities

  • To maintain the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research and to have appropriate policies, systems and procedures in place to ensure compliance with the Concordat to support research integrity

  • To increase postgraduate research student numbers, maintaining quality, and provide a stimulating environment for postgraduate, postdoctoral and early career researchers

  • To enhance systems to achieve, capture and evaluate the impact of our research, and to engage with research users and the public as appropriate throughout the research process

  • To ensure effective publication, dissemination and communication of our research, and engagement with diverse audiences

  • To establish and sustain research partnerships with GW4 partners, other HEIs, businesses, government and non-government organisations, in the UK and internationally

  • To support renewal in international, regional and national businesses by facilitating knowledge and technology transfer and commercialisation opportunities across sectoral boundaries

  • To develop and expand collaborations with businesses, local government and community bodies, particularly through our Innovation Centre, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and Continuing Professional Development

Measuring success

The following key performance indicators will enable us to monitor how successfully we are delivering our objectives.

Research income

We will monitor the total research income per member of academic staff as a measure of the vibrancy, sustainability and peer recognition of our research.

Research income from non-public research funders

We will monitor research income from non-public research funders per member of academic staff as a measure of the strength of our partnerships and the real-world relevance of our research.

Research students

We will monitor the numbers of research students per academic member of staff as a measure of our success in nurturing new research talent and the vibrancy of our research culture.

Research outputs

We will monitor the number of research papers published in leading journals as a measure of both the vibrancy and quality of our research.